[PacMasterUpdate] January 1, 2002 Update

pacmasterupdate-admin at PacificMasters.org Tue Jan 1 19:02:41 EST 2002

It is the first day of the new year, time to re-register for the 2002 
Pacific Masters. Pacific Masters membership year is from January 1 to 
December 31. Register now to keep your subscription to Swim Magazine 
and you can swim in US Masters sanctioned events. The form to 
re-register is on the web at:
(if you use the web form, you can type in the information and print 
it out from your computer).

If you are changing clubs, with the annual re-registration you can 
change clubs and compete for your new club without waiting 60 days or 
paying the extra $2.00 fee.

For club reps, the 2002 club roster now available on the Pacific 
Masters web site; you can check to see who on your club has 
registered at
Every swimmer who has registered through last Friday is on the list.
The annual USMS One Hour Postal Swim is from January 1 through 
January 31, 2002. The rules are fairly simple, it is to see how many 
yards you can swim in one hour. It is a very good chance to see how 
well you are swimming at the beginning of the year.
The first pool meet of the year is the Monterey Bay Chambake on 
January 19th. There meet is deck seeded. The pre-registration dead 
line is January 12th.

The first event of the 2002 is the Tamalpias Postal Mile. Swimmers 
can swim the mile any time between January 1, 2002 and February 28, 
2002 and you can swim it in your own pool.
Thank you to all the clubs who have registered. Please check the team 
list to be sure that your club has registered
If your club has registered and is not on the web site, please 
contact the webmaster at mailto:webmaster at pacificmasters.org

If your club has not quite reregistered yet, please go to
remember to be covered by USMS secondary insurance, the club has to 
be registered and all swimmers must be registered. Also for the coach 
to be covered, the coach has to be a member of USMS.
Pacific  Masters will sponsor coaches who attend the January NorCal 
Clinic in Napa  with a 50% scholarship.  Mike Collins from Irvine 
Novaquatics Masters and Doug Garcia from Washington State University 
Masters are the featured Masters
Track speakers.

The speakers for the Masters Track (Saturday Jan. 5, 2002) at the 
Pacific  Coaches Clinic in Napa January 4,5, and 6, 2002, are Doug 
Garcia of the Washington State Masters and Mike Collins of the Irvine 
Novaquatic Masters. Doug Garcia will speak on Communicating with 
Masters Swimmers, and The Wet Side of Marketing to Masters.  Mike 
Collins topics are, Coaching Nuts, a look at the psychological 
challenges of coaching masters, the talk is based on  Herb Kelleher's 
(president of SouthWest Airlines) book on the airline industry called 
"Nuts".  Mike's other topic is Motivating Workouts, a subject we all 
can use in formulating a season plan for our teams.  Don't forget the 
Pacific Masters Coaches Scholarship program, PMS will pay half of a 
PMS  Coaches registration fee to attend the clinic.  For info or to 
register for  the scholarship e-mail Coach Brian Stack 
stackb at aol.com, and send the name of  the coach and the mailing 
address.  Pacific Masters will send a check to each coach, and that 
coach can include the check with their half of the  registration fee 
to NorCal Sports, Clinic Sponsor  Send your scholarship request via 
e-mail to Pacific Coaches Chair Brian Stack at stackb at aol.com 
Mailto:stackb at aol.com

There is a lot of good information there and coaches will meet the 
best coaches in the Pacific LMSC and LSC area. It is a great way for 
experienced coaches and new coaches to find out what is going on with 
other teams and to renew friendships.
The 2002 Pacific LSC Officials Clinic will be held January 5th 2002 
in Alameda; It will be held on the former Alameda Naval Air Station 
property NOT on Coast Guard Island. Clinics are open to ALL Pacific 
Swimming officials and individuals interested in learning about swim 
meet officiating.  Completion of these clinics and the follow-up 
sessions will satisfy the clinic portion of the Pacific Swimming 
Officials Certification / Re-certification requirements for the 
stroke and turn, starter, referee. More information will be at:

Sierra LSC will be holding an officials clinic at Davis Hi School on 
Saturday, Jan. 5th, 2002 in room 34 of the Humanities Hall from 8:30 
a.m. to 1 p.m.  It is advised that those in attendance park in the 
main parking lot on the east side of the Hi School.  It is near where 
the clinic will be held.

For  more information contact Joan Smith, Pacific Masters Officials 
Chair mailto:rtjpsmit at cwnet.com
Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 
Summer Head Coach Needed

The Loomis Basin Dolphin recreational swim team is looking for a head 
coach.  The season runs from May 1 through July 31.  The team swims 
at Del Oro High School and has been part of the Suburban Swim League 
(7 to 8 teams) since 1979.  It has approximately 240 swimmers aged 5 
to 18.  There are two other assistant coaches and several "associate 
coaches" (older age group swimmers).  Salary is negotiable.  Resumes 
can be sent to:  Loomis Dolphin Swim Team,  P.O. Box 773,  Loomis, 
CA  95650.  Any questions can be directed to Paul Johnson at (916) 
788-8297 or <mailto:taxguy at johnsonandco.com>taxguy at johnsonandco.com

Castilleja high school (all girls) has a brand new pool and no swim 
coach for the high school season which runs from early February to 
early May. Interested coaches could call (650-854-5010)or email 
mailto:lawnmower52 at hotmail.com for more info.

Have a Happy New Year


For those who want to contact Michael directly email 
mailto:michael at pacificmasters.org . If you hit the return button on 
your email client, it will only delay a response. thank you mwm

OFF THE WALL - community colleges
California has one of the best community college systems in the 
world. Many types of classes are offered - from philosophy to 
physical education. Classes are $11.00/unit (unbelievably cheap). For 
swimmers who wish to do some cross training, there are classes in 
weight training and dancing. Your community college is on the web, 
and many will allow you to register on line.

Backing up your hard drive
It is the beginning of the year, it is a great time to back up your 
hard drive. It is not a question of if a hard drive will go down, but 
when. Recently, a friend had her drive go down, we were able to 
salvage most of the data files, but there were many files that went 
into computer never-never land. The beginning of the year is a good 
time to back up everything.
michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org