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Annual coaching award winners

The Pacific Masters Coach of the Year award is awarded to a coach who has demonstrated outstanding coaching qualities. The criteria for the award are measured by the following competitive and non-competitive factors:

  • Club and individual performance at sanctioned events that reflect the coach's skill and inspiration
  • Club vigor, size, and growth, club participation and volunteering, and hosting well-run events
  • Outstanding service to Pacific Masters, to USMS, and to other community organizations
  • Outstanding professional contributions, such as participation in clinics and published works

Nominations may be made by any Pacific Masters club. A nominating letter and a maximum of four supporting letters from registered swimmers must be submitted to the selection committee by the February meeting of Pacific Masters Swimming. More details can be found in Section 101.8.7 of the Administrative Handbook.

Award YearCoach
2021Donita Flecker - Sebastopol Master Aquatic Club
2020Mary Kahn - Davis Aquatics Masters
2019Tim Edmonds - Stanford Masters
2018Mike Lynch - Peninsula Community Center Masters
2017Carol Nip - Alameda Armada Aquatic Masters
2016Mike Kazek - CAL Maritime Academy Masters
2015Mary Ann Nygren - TriValley Masters
2014Marcia Benjamin - Marcia's Enthusiastic Masters of Oakland (MEMO)
2013Tom Reudy - San Mateo Masters
2012Stu Kahn - Davis Aquatic Masters
2011Cokie Lepinski - SwymNuts
2010Chris Campbell - Mountain View Masters
2009Linda Gilchrist
2008Laureen Welting
2007Hermine Terhorst
2006Valerie Boreyko
2005Patty Scott-Bair
2004Alan Liu
2003Scott Williams
2002Joel Wilson
2001Sharlene Van Boer
2000Marie McSweeny
1999Tina Talbot
1998Tim Sheeper
1997Brian Stack
1996Doug Huestis
1995Mo Chambers
1994Polly Kraemer-Upshaw
1993Mike Collins
1992Kerry O'Brien


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