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Working Calendar

This is the list of action items that the Pacific Masters Swimming Committee works on throughout the year.


Set and approve committee goals and objectives; nominate recipient of current year Ransom Arthur Award ; call for Coach of the Year nominations; CA State Nonprofit Statement due; 1099 Misc. due to individuals by 1/31; order SOTY awards. 


Forward PacMasters Ransom Arthur Award nomination to USMS; tabulate PacMasters previous year Age Group Swimmers of the Year; federal & state Annual Summaries due; 1096/1099 reporting ot IRS due 2/28. Make sure Coach Appreciation Week is on calendar for May.

February or March (depends on when awards are given)

Approve PacMasters Age Group Swimmers of the Year;  vote for overall male & female Swimmers of the Year; approve PacMasters Coach of the Year; order Swimmer of the Year and Coach of the Year awards; 


Distribute convention delegate information; send paper renewals.


Brainstorm USMS Rules/Legislation changes; request and accept delegate nominations for USMS Convention; present awards to Pacific Masters Swimmers of the Year and Coach of the Year at the SCY Championships.


Elect and register USMS Convention Delegates, reserve accommodations; Review USMS Rules/Legislation recommendations from PacMasters; year-end financial report to USMS; Fed Nonprofit Form 990, CAL Periodic Report CT-2 to Attorney General of Calif., Form 199 CAL-return Exempt from Income Tax (by 5/15).


SCY TT report due to USMS; Adopt and forward USMS Rules & Legislation proposals; prepare bid packet for next year's event calendar, distribute by mid-July.


Distribute bid packet for next year's events calendar; call for next year's budget requests; call for proposals to change PacMasters by-laws.


Approve bids for next year's Championship meets and January & February meets, due August 10th; receive budget request; preliminary review of USMS convention issues.


Approve preliminary next year's Calendar of Events – bids due September 10th; final review of convention issues; publish proposals for changes to the by-laws; preliminary budget proposal; convention; form Annual Meeting Award nomination committee.


Adopt Budget; Nominating Committee Report; Approve final Calendar of Events; USMS Convention Review and Reports


Annual Mtg.; Election of Officers; Vote on proposals to change PacMaster by-laws; Call for USMS Officer nominations


Coach of the Year nomination. No meeting. Just keep on swimming.

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