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How to borrow DVDs from the video library:

Clubs may borrow DVDs for no charge. For PacMasters members, the fee is $5 for mailing per order and a $50 deposit (payable in two separate checks). There is a two DVD maximum per order for a two week borrowing period from the date of the initial mailing to receipt by the PacMasters office. If a DVD is returned late, damaged, or lost, clubs must pay full replacement cost and individuals must forfeit their deposit check. Bounced checks or late replacement payments will result in temporary suspension of PacMasters membership. Fill out this order form and send it in with the checks.

Please let the PacMasters office know if you have suggestions for new videos.

DVDs in the PacMasters DVD Swimming Library: (note that some of these are multi-DVD sets - check the More Info boxes for details)

TitleAuthorVideo ContentDate
Sprint FreestyleKara Lynn Joyce, Jimmy Feigen2014
Distance FreestyleChloe Sutton, Peter Vanderkaay2014
BackstrokeMatt Grevers2014
BreaststrokeMark Gangloff2014
ButterflyClaire Donahue, Tyler McGill2014
Mega Drills For SwimmingColey Stickels2013
Josh Davis on Everything Swimming: All 4 Strokes, Starts, and TurnsJosh Davis2012
Start to Finish BackstrokeRay Looze2012
Start to Finish BreaststrokeKelly Kremer2012
Start to Finish ButterflyRich DeSelm2012
Start to Finish FreestyleJack Bauerle2012
Go Swim Open WaterFran Crippen2010
Go Swim FreestyleJason Lezak2009
Go Swim FreestyleKara Lynn Joyce2008
Getting Better with David MarshDavid Marsh2007
Go Swim BackstrokeAaron Peirsol2007
Lane Lines to Shore Lines, Your Complete Guide to Open Water SwimmingGary Emich, Phil DiGirolamo2007
In the Fast LaneFrank Busch2006
Becoming a Champion SwimmerRichard Quick2006
Personal Best - ButterflyBob Bowman, Michael Phelps2006
Eddie Reese On SwimmingEddie Reese2005
The Swim: Technique and Training for TriathletesTrip Hedrick, Clark Campbell2005
Go Swim BreaststrokeAmanda Beard2005
Swimming FasterDavid Marsh2004
Championship Winning SeriesRichard Quick, Milt Nelms2003
Open Water Swimming: Skills, Techniques, and Racing TipsMichael Collins, Gerry Rodrigues2003
Swimalates: Pilates for SwimmersJune Quick2003
Swimmer's Shoulder: Prehab and RehabJune Quick2003

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