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Adult Learn to Swim Program - For Swimmers

Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Program - Information for Swimmers

Information for Adults wanting to Learn to Swim or Improve their Stroke Technique

•ALTS is for everyone who wants to learn to swim, or improve their swimming.
• Check out these links to local ALTS programs/lessons


Contact Name Club Link for ALTS Lessons Current Status of ALTS Program (as of May 20, 2021)
Harris, Karen Richmond Plunge
karen@richmondswims.or g No ALTS now. MAY be able to run a session in the Fall/Winter (Oct-Dec?)
Nip, Carol J Albany Armada
Aquatics Masters Minimal Lessons Now: 2x/week (Thu & Sun), lessons are offered to adults who want to learn how to swim. Fee: $40/lesson (1 hour) & SUN Fee: $50/lesson (1 hour).
Collins, Susan M Walnut Creek Masters No ALTS now. Depending on the city restrictions, Walnut Creek
MAY run a program in the fall.
Batzer, Tunisia A Vacaville Swim Club m No ALTS now. Our team will eventually transition to the
summer program within the next month or so, and MAY run
programs in summer.
Hawkins, Spencer Cal Aquatic Masters Maybe in the Fall? (Most of the team has left due to Campus
policy restricting facility access to community members)

Check back later as more clubs open up.


Information for Current Masters Swimmers

•Do you know an adult who can’t swim, but wants to?  Or do you want to improve your stroke technique?  Check out these links to local ALTS programs/lessons
•Do you want to become an ALTS Certified instructor? Check out this link to ALTS Certification:


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