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Adult Learn to Swim Program

Pacific Masters Swimming – Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) Program

More than a third of adults in the United States can't swim the length of a pool, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which puts them at risk of being one of the 10 people who drown every day in this country. U.S. Masters Swimming's Adult Learn-to-Swim initiative is on the front lines to change this statistic. With education, outreach, and financial support, USMS is making more adults safer around water.

The Pacific Masters ALTS Program is a local branch of the USMS program.  Members from the over 140 Masters Swim Teams in the Pacific Masters Swimming organization teach adults to swim.  This includes everyone from fearful non-swimmers seeking to be comfortable in the water, to experienced lap swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique.


Pacific ALTS Committee:


Apply for an Adult Learn-to-Swim Grant

Helpful Video Links


April 7, 2021 Pacific ALTS Webinar, information from ALTS experts in the Pacific Masters Community about starting and sustaining an ALTS program


Instructional Videos for Teaching ALTS,  curriculum and techniques for teaching adults to swim


Teaching ALTS with Social Distancing, tips from ALTS expert William Kolb




Reopening Your ALTS Program in the Time of COVID-19

Information for Coaches

•Conducting ALTS programs at your pool is a great way to attract potential Masters Swimmers to your team. ALTS workshops can be designed to provided focused stroke technique workshops for your current Masters Swimmers
•Check out these links to local ALTS programs/lessons
•Want to become an ALTS Certified Instructor or learn more from USMS? Check out this link:


Information for Adults wanting to Learn to Swim or Improve their Stroke Technique

•ALTS is for everyone who wants to learn to swim, or improve their swimming.
• Check out these links to local ALTS programs/lessons


Contact Name Club Link for ALTS Lessons
Maryatt, Andrew T Rocklin Aquatics Masters
Whiteside, Tina Mountain View Masters
Kossa, Christina Richmond Plunge Masters
Dowd, Joe Sierra Marlins Masters
Hawkins, Spencer Cal Aquatic Masters

Check back later as more clubs open up.


Information for Current Masters Swimmers

•Do you know an adult who can’t swim, but wants to?  Or do you want to improve your stroke technique?  Check out these links to local ALTS programs/lessons
•Do you want to become an ALTS Certified instructor? Check out this link to ALTS Certification:


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