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2016 Pacific Masters Open Water Season

For many of our members, open water swimming is their favorite aspect of Masters. Some swimmers thrive on the competition, some want to challenge themselves and others enjoy the freedom of swimming without lanes or walls. Pacific Masters offers what may be the world’s best open water program with events in a wide variety of distances and venues.
The season begins on Saturday, May 21 in Santa Rosa with the Spring Lake 500 meter and 1 mile swims. Next up, on Saturday, June 4 is the 34th annual Lake Berryessa event with a one and a two mile competition. The weekend of June 11 & 12 brings the Del Valle Open Water Festival. On Saturday, swimmers can challenge themselves with a 5k or 10k swim. On Sunday a 1.2k (great for first timers) and 2.5k are offered. We take a short break until the weekend of July 30 & 31, when the Santa Cruz 1 mile Roughwater swim is conducted on Saturday and the 2 mile Cruz Cruise is swum on Sunday.  This year the USMS 1-3 mile National Championships will take place at Donner Lake on Saturday, August 13 with a 2.7 mile swim across the lake. On Sunday, September 11 there will be 1 and 2 mile swims at Whiskeytown Lake, just outside of Redding. The season concludes on Saturday, September 24 at Keller Cove in Richmond where swimmers can choose between a 0.5, 1 and 2 mile swim in the bay. More information on Pacific Masters open water program and each of this year’s events can be found on our open water web page (click here).

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