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5 K Wetsuit

  Serving Northern California and Northwestern Nevada

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DIV     D PlacL Name  F Name  CLUB    Age     OvrAll
F1824        1ImburgiaKourtneyTEME          46      10
F2529        1Bishop  Brooke  TOC           13       1
F3034        1Milat   Andrea  CRUZ          61       2
F4044   DQ    Teague  Laurie  CHIC          83
F5054        1Sather  Jeanne  FLAQ          74       8
F5054        2O'Hare  Tracey  UNAT          66      11
F5559        1HelmrichSusan   UNAT          42       4
F5559        2Quinn   Phyllis TOC           71       5
M3539        1Fuentes Antonio PCAM          31       6
M4549        1BedswortJay     TOC            9       7
M5559        1Goupil  DominiquLAMV          37       3
M7074        1Ingalls Donald  MVM           47       9




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